2021 Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards: Showcase 4


“MVDP is coming back to cyclocross for the 2021-2022 season. As WvA is demolishing the competition, MvdP struggles to keep the pace.” Joris Knapen @jozza_cyclingpics

Entries for the 2021 edition of the Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year awards are now closed and we got a record number of submissions this time around. Below we’ve presented a few of the photographs that snuck in just before closing.

Every entry made a difference. Proceeds from the entry fee went toward cancer research through Tour de Cure and the Young Cyclist Assistance, which will provide up to two cyclists with financial support to help them reach their goals.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the photos from our first, second, and third showcases. And, be on the lookout later this week for the shortlists from this year’s judges – Jojo Harper, Brazo de Hierro, and James Startt.

Professional category

Entry into the fiercely contested Professional category was permitted for anyone who earns a living from their cycling photography.

“Most of the time we missed the fans at cycling events this year. One of the few races without restrictions was the Koppenbergcross. The fans went crazy when their favorite rider passed by.” Mats Palinckx @matspalinckx
“In the first women’s Tour de Suisse, cycling showed an unprecedented dynamism and power. The way they attacked up that climb in the woods gave me the opportunity to capture it in that moment.” Sam Buchli @buchlifotografie
“It was my first time shooting a stage of the Tour de France from a motorcycle and I was as nervous as the peloton was on the damp windy roads of the first stage of a Grand Tour. We came to an abrupt halt behind a line of vehicles. Something had gone wrong. “Daniel, Allez! Allez!” shouted Max, gesturing for me to jump off the motorcycle. I ran into the horrific crash to find Marc Hirschi brooding in a bush over his injured shoulder in a scene that seemed to stand still amidst the chaos of it all.” Daniel Cole @danielcolepares
“After the start of the Zilvermeercross, it started to snow. As a result, the snow only stayed next to the racing line which caused a beautiful leading line towards the leader of the race, Wout van Aert.” Mats Palinckx @matspalinckx
“Lora Fachie piloted by Corrine Hall of Great Britain break the world record in the Women’s Tandem B 3000m Individual Pursuit qualifying at the Izu Velodrome during the Tokyo Paralympics.” Alex Whitehead @alex_swpix
“Climbing out of Sion en route toward the Col du Sanetsch, the forest provides much-needed cover from the midday sun before tackling the punishing exposed ascent to the summit.” Chris Lanaway @chrislanaway
“The wait of four fans is finally over when the peloton passes in front of them in the French countryside during the third stage of the 2021 Tour.” Francesco Rachello @strict
“Looking at Amy Pieters through crystal wishing that its energy will help her healing #staystrongamy. The photo was taken during the prologue of the Simac Ladies Tour in Ede, The Netherlands.” Eloise Mavian @eloisemavian

Amateur category

The Amateur category is for non-professional photographers using high-end cameras, and anyone with a smartphone or drone, or action camera.

Entrants in this category are in the running for prizes from Wahoo:

First prize: Wahoo Kickr
Second prize: Wahoo Elemnt Roam
Third prize: Wahoo Rival

“Onwards & Upwards – Shot at the last race of 2021 in my local cyclocross league. As the light was beginning to fade a glorious sunset began to appear over the hill as the rider trudged onwards and upwards through increasingly more difficult conditions. A reflection, perhaps, of current times whereby at times the journey may seem like an uphill struggle but brighter times maybe just over the crest.” Warren Davies @traxphotos1
“This is a shot from inside the hut on the start/finish line at Hillingdon, West London. I wanted to highlight the role of the volunteers who work to keep grassroots cycling alive and see the riders from their perspective.” Ian Wrightson @ianwrightsonphotography
“This photo was taken at the Carrefour de L’Arbre, one of the most difficult sections of pavé in Paris-Roubaix. The photo shows the podium of the race but mainly there is the winner Sonny Colbrelli. Paris-Roubaix always is an epic race but due to the weather the 2021 edition always will be in my memory.” Andrés Felipe Cano G @pipecano_photo
“There are still miles of steam pipes underneath New York City streets heating up close to 2000 buildings. Here, a racer riding through the steam after a race on a cool night.” Daghan Perker @dperker
“Finding out that there is more to the world of cycling than just tarmac roads, there’s a whole other world of dirt tracks, trails, and paths to explore. Partially forced on by the general trend towards gravel but also the yearning of adventure, childish freedom, and sense of discovery it has given me in a year of staycationing.” Matt Stevenson mattwstevenson
“Climbing out of the clouds. Off-road riding in the French Alps in October can deliver an array of conditions, even over just a few days. This moody day crossing Cormet d’Aréches was followed by a day riding through the snow to 2,400 m, then a bluebird day climbing to 2,600 m. You learn a lot riding in these conditions. Not just about bikes.” Graeme Langhorne @graemelanghorne
“Mark Cavendish warming up for his Tour de France comeback during the Tour of Belgium.” Neil Causey @neilcausey_cc
“Photo from our usual ride where we come and watch the seasons change. The foliage views are endless.” Geo Sosa @geovanysosa
“This is the end of the epic trip tour. We spent many hours in the saddle. We were completely exhausted. We were a fool. With the rest of my strength, I took this photo, riding a few meters behind my friend. I saw the end result only at home, it fully reflects that moment, fatigue, freedom, fog, road, landscape.” Maciej Grzybowski @cyclingmill
“I call this photo ‘Jonge Leeuw.’ The boy was standing next to me at the WC in Leuven and he reminded me of me. It felt that I saw myself along the course. He waited patiently and fully focused for the peloton.” Fellusch Homann @fellusch


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