The Most Impactful Photograph of 2022, Picked By Unsplash


There’s something truly special about open-source platforms. From video to coding to photography, these platforms allow humanity to share, connect, and improve the billions of ideas combusting all around us. A major pioneer of the open photography movement, Unsplash has contributed to the creation of what’s become known as “Stock Photos.” Acquired by Getty Images in 2021, it’s now one of the world’s leading sites for free images and a perfect launchpad for aspiring photographers.

Each year, to find the most impactful photo, Unsplash invites artists from around the globe to send in their pics for categories ranging from Athletics to Experimental to Current Events. Finalists are then selected by industry professionals representing iconic brands like Vogue, National Geographic, and Nike. While only one photo can earn the coveted Photo of The Year, this is the perfect place to get one’s name out into the upper echelons of the business.

From a collection of captivating finalists, the community selected Leandra Rieger’s isolated house under a full moon as the most impactful photo of 2022. Panelist and professional Architecture Photographer Simone Hutsch noted “The composition has a supernatural feeling, it creates a moment of calm and peacefulness in this world of chaos that we’re living in right now.”

Check out the winner, as well as the other worthy finalists down below.


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