Old Car City USA: Night photography workshop paradise


Vintage abandoned automobiles in a forest. Night photography workshop. Light painting. Fun. Do I have your attention? Old Car City USA is night photography workshop paradise.

Join me and host Tim Little as we explore a forest with 4000 abandoned vintage automobiles dating back to the 1930s.

We are teaching a night photography workshop in the amazing Old Car City USA for three nights (with a bonus fourth night of abandoned school buses for those who can’t get enough!). The workshop will cover the basics of night photography, composition, creativity, tips, techniques, star trails, post-processing and more.

This is THE workshop for anyone who wants limitless photography opportunities with the safety of a group environment while learning a lot along the way!

Light painting with RGB Critter 2.0, Old Car City USA, Georgia.
Light painting with RGB Critter 2.0, Old Car City USA, Georgia.

What is Old Car City USA?

Old Car City USA in White, Georgia contains the world’s largest known classic car junkyard. Imagine a beautiful forest with vines and other vegetation of the Deep South, intertwined with the thousands of automobiles, trucks, vans, buses, and even an ice cream truck. There are 34 acres of this in rural Georgia, about an hour north of Atlanta. The same family has owned Old Car City since 1931, when it began as a general store.

Please note that may be the only time we are able to offer a night photography workshop at this location.

Old Car City USA (Georgia) night photography workshop
Night photo with light painting from a handheld light added while the camera shutter was open. Old Car City USA, Georgia.

What will you learn?

Quite a bit if you wish. You may learn various light painting techniques, night photography, composition, creative and practical techniques, star trails, light painting techniques and more, presented in a very accessible manner in a fascinating space.

You’ll also be among numerous creative photographers, giving you the opportunity to make friends, work together on photos and share in the experience in a safe environment.

Furthermore, this isn’t one of those workshops where the instructors are inaccessible in the field. Both of us will be available throughout the evening to help if you need to. We will issue small 2-way radios for ease of communication, whether asking for help or coordinating with others. And we’ll also provide you with GPS units to help in case you get confused about your location on the 34-acre forested property (uh, not that I would ever do that, oh no…).

Timothy Little

Timothy Little is a gifted nighttime landscape artist based on Cape Cod. Since 2006, he has used his moonlit and starlit photographic art to connect the natural beauty of “the Cape” with the inherent solitude of night. His portfolio is exclusive to night photography making him the only area artist specializing in this genre. He also specializes in photographing abandoned scenes in the southwest United States.

His work has been featured on Space.com, the Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Life, Visit Massachusetts and several other New England-based publications.

In addition to creating art, he shares his knowledge through group workshops and guided night tours.

Ken Lee

I am devoted to teaching night photography, light painting, star trails and Milky Way photography. Whether that has been through the Night Photo Summit, my own workshops, or writing here at Photofocus, I hope to help you on your journey through night photography.

My photos have been featured in National Geographic Books, Omni Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Westways Magazine and numerous other publications.

When is the night photography workshop?

The Old Car City USA night photography workshop will include one day and three nights (with a fourth night add-on at a location photographing abandoned school buses). It will be from Oct. 25-28, 2023. We will be staying in nearby Cartersville, GA.

Find out more about our Old Car City night photography workshop here.



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