New Features at Kodeco — January 2023 Update


In October 2022 we dropped a huge update that you may have noticed – we changed from to Kodeco Inc., which included some key changes to our site.

This brand evolution was over a year in the making and brought a complete change to most features (more on these below), but we also brought you a few new experiences as well👇

New Features Out Today

Member discount portal

We are excited to bring members on our Pro and Beginner subscriptions some exciting discounts with partner organizations. When we spot a service or product that our team loves or has found useful as developers (or just human beings) we reach out to that company to arrange a special discount just for our members. We don’t receive anything in exchange for these deals, so all the savings gets passed on to you.

where to find member discounts

Check out our new introductory offers here and keep an eye out for more as we search them out for you!

Same great content, with a new look

It’s hard not to notice as soon as you log on to the site, but we kicked off the last quarter of 2022 with our new name, Kodeco. Many of you have had the chance to experience the updates yourselves, but here’s a quick article covering more on this evolution and some of the key changes.

Here’s an overview of some of our bigger updates:

Sleek, modern, and navigable page layouts

The landing pages for our learning paths, videos, books, and articles now give you a high level overview of what’s covered, who this is catered to, and short descriptions of each section.

preview Kodeco new landing pages

New tools to help better identify themes and topics

We’ve added a ton of new features to help you settle into the new brand through tool tips and an icon system that is color-coded by its system, programming language, and other categories that our content may fall into.

A streamlined video player experience

We’ve highlighted the episode titles, author notes, and transcripts to the forefront of the page on the left and bottom panels of the video player. All the other details are collected on a handy “shelf” on the right side, where you can also toggle between episodes and switch to cinema mode.

Check out our new Apple Health Frameworks tutorial to check out your new tools!

Discord Roundtable Discussions

Have you already joined our Discord community to meet and get help from our awesome community of developers? If so, you may have spotted our Roundtable events where developers around the world get together to discuss new topics to development. These discussions include coding styles, tools for linting and editing, experiences quitting (or not quitting) a job, and more.

We have two upcoming Roundtable Discussions in January – sign up for notifications and add them to your calendar!

  • Thursday January 12th at 3PM EST “Our first programming language

    • How did your first programming influence your career and style of programming? What moved you on to the next language?
  • Thursday January 26th at 3PM EST “What is your refocus superpower?

    • There are days that are harder than others, focus isn’t the best. What do you do to get back on track? Share your life-hack (keep it legal!) and learn from others!

Join the discussion here →

More Roundtable events are queued up for the future, show your interest and listen-in to hear what comes up 😉

Coming Soon

Dark mode is on its way!

While we received many compliments on our new path forward at Kodeco, the second most received message was asking us to bring back dark mode. Not to fear, we will be launching dark mode as soon as possible.

Let us know what you think!

Have a suggestion of your own or have some feedback on any of the above features? Let us know!

We hope you’ll enjoy these features as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you!


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