13 Best Travel Coffee Mugs (2021): Insulated, Steel, Thermal


Few of us drink anything at room temperature. Go ahead. Name as many beverages as you can that we don’t drink either piping hot or freezing cold. Normally that means speed-gulping whatever you’re drinking before it reaches an awful 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you’re on a road trip, plunked down at your desk, or working in the yard, you might want something you can sip from for hours without it going lukewarm. For that, you need a double-walled vacuum-insulated container.

There’s nothing like pouring yourself a hot cup of cocoa in the football bleachers hours after you brought your insulated tumbler to the game. From coffee to ice water to tea to beer, we’ve been sipping and swigging all our drinkables from the best insulated beverage containers we could find. Below are our top picks for vacuum-insulated, multipurpose coffee and beverage mugs. They will all do a stellar job of keeping your joe piping hot—or ice-cold when summer returns.

Updated December 2021: We’ve swapped the Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask choices from tumblers to straight-sided mugs.

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